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The shooter is expected to toss the dice hard enough so they hit the backboard at the other end of the table. Although the throw is still considered legal if one or both dice fail to reach the end of the table, the boxman will strongly urge the shooter to throw harder. If a die bounces off the table or lands on a stack of chips or in the dice cup, the stickman announces, "No roll!" and the misthrown die is given to the boxman for scrutiny to prevent strange (or "crooked") dice from being introduced into the games. The remaining dice are offered to the shooter to select a replacement-unless he requests "Same dice please," in which case the games is held up until the misthrown die is retrieved. No bets are won or lost, and players are free to change their wagers. If a die is cocked, or not lying flat, the stickman calls it the way the die would have come to rest, and the roll counts.

Never let your hands get in the way of the thrown dice. If the dice hit your hand before coming to rest, it is considered an omen of bad luck. Many veteran craps shooters actually believe this will cause a 7 to be thrown and the shooter and the pass-line bettors to lose. Go along with this superstition-the dealers do. Listen for their admonition: "Watch your hands!" Or "Hands up!"

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Mexican Stud
It uses a stripped deck, one from which the eights, nines, and tens have been removed. The deck thus contains 40 cards. Because those cards are out, the seven and the jack are treated as consecutive, so that, for example, 5-6-7J-Q is a straight.

Each player starts with two cards, one face down and one face up. After the first two cards are dealt, betting begins with the high card to the left of the dealer button making a forced opening bet.

After the betting is complete, each player may expose, if he wishes, his down card. This action must be completed prior to dealing the third card. The third card is dealt up or down depending on whether the player has a hidden card or all cards are exposed. There is a betting round. Players again make the same decision about exposing or not exposing their one down card.

Upon completion of this action, a fourth card is dealt, followed by a betting round. The fifth card is similarly treated, followed by a final betting round, and a showdown. In this game, a flush beats a full house.
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