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Casino Personnel Staffing

-- He collects all cash coming to the table, pushing the money through an opening in the table to a drop box below, which holds all the money and markers (IOUs) collected during a particular shift.
-- He makes certain that players who have changed cash for casino chips get the correct amount of chips for their money.
-- He runs the table, watching the moves of the dealers and also watching the payoffs made to the players on one side of the table. The stickman watches the side the boxman cannot cover.
-- He settles any dispute between a player and a dealer as to an incorrect or alleged wrong payoff or bet. His decision is the final word on these matters in practically all cases.
-- If a die or both dice have fallen or been thrown off the table, it's his duty to examine the die or dice for imperfections, tampering, or changes before putting them back into play.
Sometimes at a crowded and busy table two boxman are seated by the casino, each in charge of one side of the table. The casino is paranoid about its bankroll and will put as many people at or near the table to protect its money.

The Stickman
Standing opposite the boxman is the stickman, who is part of the dealer's crew. He is called a stickman because of a flexible stick he holds in his hand, which is used to push the dice around the table. (The dealers never touch the dice with their hands.) The stickman, being part of the crew, is on break one quarter of the time, and on the stick one quarter of his shift. Most crews move their dealers around the table, so that each in turn is on base, that is, a standing dealer at one of the two end sections of the table, or on the stick or on break.

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Poker Is a Card Game and a People Game
Winning poker players know that while luck can intervene in the short run, luck evens out over the long haul; the players who make the most correct decisions will eventually take the money. The more information you have available to you, the better your decisions will be. Some times "information" is about cards; other times, it's about people.

When you first learn the rules, poker may not seem too different from blackjack, if you are familiar with that; however, the games are similar only in that they each use a standard 52-card deck and they are both popular ways to gamble. Indeed, if you do like your games and your world in black and white blackjack would probably be a better way for you to gamble than poker; there is always a correct choice in blackjack. Concepts like opposing player tendencies and skill levels don't matter. In blackjack, you face a dealer who must operate like a machine. He must hit until he has at least 17 and he can't take an extra card if he thinks he's losing. In poker, if the dealer is playing, he's free to play as well or as badly as he is able.
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