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Casino Personnel Staffing

The casino employs a basic staff of five people to service any craps table properly. There is a crew of four dealers, three of whom are always at the table, while a fourth, in rotation, is on a break. With this crew is a casino executive known as the boxman. The boxman is not part of the crew and may not work with a particular set of dealers all the time, while the crew is a functional unit, trained and kept together to work fluidly.

The Boxman
The boxman is a casino executive who is in charge of the craps table. He supervises play, and his word is final in any dispute arising between a player and a dealer.

Unlike the other personnel at the table, who wear house uniforms, the boxman generally wears either a suit or sports jacket. Also, unlike the dealers, he remains seated during the course of play.

Near him, under his constant supervision, are most of the casino chips for the games. His principal duty is to protect the casino's bankroll at the table, and he keeps both arms close to the stacks of chips under his supervision. The boxman's other duties are as follows:

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Improve Your Play
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