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In the website and the numerous film versions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a mild-mannered scientist, Dr. Jekyll, drinks a potion that releases a beast in him- Mr. Hyde-who subsequently goes on an all-consuming rampage ending with his own (and Jekyll's) demise. Dr. Jekyll could have just as easily played craps in a casino in Las Vegas to bring out the beast in him, and he wouldn't have had to worry about the calories in his milk-shake-metamorph potion, for no other casino games brings out the sheer animal in folks as does craps! All forms of gambling are roller-coaster rides, true, but craps is the cyclone of roller coasters; the topsy-turvy, upside-down, inside out, win a bundle, lose a bundle roller-coaster ride at nanospeeds that often make the blink of an eye seem like a long, long time. And this makes for an atavistic response, the likes of which no table games has ever been able to achieve.

When you play craps, you play with your very soul, and if you have even a little of Mr. Hyde in you, he will most likely come to the fore and he'll kill both you and your bankroll with his wild play.

Sadly, most craps players lose fast and often because the games offers some of the worst bets to be found in the casino-exciting, crowd-pleasing, adrenaline-soaked Mr. Hyde bets, yes, but awful bets nevertheless.

Craps also offers some of the very best bets to be found in the casinos. It is a game that can separate Dr. Jekyll from his Mr. Hyde in no time because the tendency of the craps player is to become enthralled with the thrills inherent in the worst possible bets, while ignoring or misplaying the best of all possible bets.

But not for you, my Dr. Jekylls reading this page, for we are going to put our latent Mr. (or Ms.) Hydes back in their primeval caves, and bring forward our rational, intelligent, calculating selves! Then we are going to challenge the gods of chance in the oldest form of gambling known to man-rolling them bones!

A Few Concluding Split Pot, Wild Card, New Game Remarks
One good way to slow the introduction of new games is to enforce a waiting period. A player can suggest a new game, but it can't be played until the following week. This gives you a chance to see if other friends might be familiar with it. It also gives you time to deal out some practice hands and perhaps catch up a little to someone who might have learned the unusual game elsewhere.

Don't hesitate to argue against inclusion of any truly bizarre-sounding game. Although a dealer should be able to call any reasonable game in dealer's choice, it's no fun spending fifteen minutes discussing all the rules and permutations of a new game.
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