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Craps The Fastest games

Of all the games the casino offers, craps is by far the fastest and most exciting, and it's a game in which a great deal of money can be won or lost in the shortest possible time. It's traditionally the games of the high rollers, the premium players who want a great deal of money action. And they get it in craps. This is not to say that the games only attracts big bettors, for it's a game beloved by many small gamblers, who are also intrigued by its speed and excitement.

It is the most vocal of games. At the other table games online blackjack games, online baccarat games, and roulette-the atmosphere is more sedate. The players sweat out their wins and losses quietly, with only an occasional murmur or comment after a big win or a discouraging loss. But at craps the table is alive with sounds, as players scream for the seven, as they cry for numbers, when a hot roll is in progress. And when that hot roll comes, where the whole table is making money, the entire casino knows about it. The enthusiasm is contagious.

Craps is a great games to let loose in, to let out one's inhibitions. Since the yelling and screaming have no effect on the outcome, it's permissible and encouraged by the house. In a game like online blackjack games, where a great deal of skill is required and where the players must constantly make decisions affecting the play of their cards, such a noise level would hamper and interfere with the concentration required, but at the craps table the dice roll merrily along, not bothered in the least by the clatter.

Only online blackjack games offers better odds to the player, but in order to take advantage of favorable situations in twenty-one, a online blackjack games player must know the basic strategy thoroughly and must be able to count cards. Having this information, he will play even with the house or have a small advantage with the most favorable rules. The craps player, without having to count anything and without having to make continually new decisions, will give the house no more than 0.8 percent or 0.6 percent with best play.

Craps also offers a much broader spectrum of bets than does online blackjack games. Players can bet with or against the dice, while in twenty-one, players can only play against the dealer. At craps gamblers can also make continuous bets with each roll of the dice, not having to wait for an ultimate decision by the dealer, as they must in online blackjack games. Only roulette offers such a wide variety of bets, but in American roulette, the house has an unyielding advantage of at least 5.26 percent on every bet, a much greater edge than it enjoys in craps.

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Online Etiquette
More etiquette that comes from the B&M world: Don't discuss your hand, especially when you're no longer involved in the pot. It's fine to make an obvious (albeit weak) joke like "Why did I fold my pocket aces before the flop?" when the board comes A-A-7. When the flop comes 9-6-6, though, it's horrible etiquette to type in a comment like "ARGH! Why did I fold my 7-6!" The all-caps "ARGH" makes your statement fairly believable and you've just made it much easier for someone who holds an over pair like J -J to bet aggressively because the chances are now only half as likely that someone might hold a six for trips.

If you are still involved in the hand, you're allowed more leeway because a certain amount of lying is acceptable gamesmanship. If you're not involved in a hand you should keep completely silent, not just about what cards you held, but about any theories you have about what the other players might have or any strategic suggestions. Even though you may be very curious about what a bettor holds, and so would love to see a call, do not type "Call him!" in the chat box.
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