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Dont Pass Bet

Most gamblers bet right because they are permitted odds bets, and when they take the odds on these bets, they are paid at better than even money. On the other hand, wrong bettors have to lay odds, and collect at less than even money. Thus wrong bettors are forced to put out more money on the layout than they will receive back if they win, which doesn't appeal to the majority of players.

Many players like to have continuous bets going on every roll of the dice, by betting either come or the place numbers, so that they will collect on every roll of the dice. Don't bettors, if they bet don't come or lay against the numbers, won't collect on every bet-they'll have to wait for the 7 to show before collecting. This is another important reason why most players like to bet with the dice.

A number of players wait for one hot roll, where the dice continually come up with come and point numbers, so that they win every bet they have out on the layout over and over again, compounding their wins at the same time by pressing or doubling their bets as the roll goes on. A right bettor can win a fortune with one continuous shoot while a wrong bettor makes money over the long run, with smaller wins.

Finally, most players think they are optimists when betting with the dice. They don't want to bet against dice and become pessimists, though there is no logic to that reasoning. And among right bettors a camaraderie develops, since all of them are rooting for the dice to pass, and all are pulling together in an enforced form of togetherness.

Game Selection
The biggest mistake players make is to pigeonhole themselves as a player of a certain limit and game, "I'm a 5/10 hold'em player," they'll think of themselves. And they'll play 5/10 hold'em, even though the 3/6 hold'em game right next to them is a much better game. They'll never realize it because they'll never even look.

Simply put, a lot of players putting a lot of money in the pot makes for a good game. If there aren't a lot of players playing each hand in your game, and players aren't often calling raises cold in order to play, then you probably should be walking around the room to see if you can find a better game than the one you're in.
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