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Free Odds Bets

Therefore, where the point is 5 or 9, the house permits you to bet $6 behind the line, where your original line bet was $5, It is to your advantage to bet the extra dollar as an odds bet, since it reduces the casino's overall advantage on line bets.

In practically all casinos, if pass-line bettors had wagered three units on their pass-line bets, whether the unit be $3, $I5, $75, or $300, they will be permitted to wager an additional five units behind the line if the point number is 6 or 8. Thus, with bets of $15 on the line and 6 as the point, players can bet $25 behind the line, to be paid off at 6--5, or $30-$25 should they win. This is also definitely to the players' advantage, and these enhanced odds bets should always be taken.

Some casinos permit double odds to be made, that is, players are allowed to bet double their original tine bet as a free odds bet. Thus, players who had bet $10 on the pass line will now be permitted to bet $20 as their free odds bet, no matter what the point is. If the point had been 4 and won, players would collect $10 on the line bet at even money, but $40-$20 on the free odds bet at 2-1

Free odds bettors, when backing up their bets on the pass line, will always receive more than the original wager if they win the bet. This is the great inducement for pass-line betting and explains why so many players prefer to bet right at the casino craps table.

Free odds bets can also be made on all come bets, at the same odds as on the pass line, since a come bet is the same as a pass-line bet, except for timing. A come bet can only be made after the come-out roll has established a point, not prior to that time. If single odds bets are permitted, the same single odds bets can be made on the come wagers, and if double odds are allowed, double odds can be made on come bets.

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Online Etiquette
A variation of this situation occurs when a player doesn't want to call a bet, but doesn't want to sit there while obviously still connected. The player literally pulls the plug on his own connection and claims he had computer trouble.

Players do indeed lose their connections for valid reasons. However, it becomes quite suspicious when these accidents occur just as someone who owns a modest hand is faced with a tough decision. You should report the player and if he makes a habit out of this unethical stunt, he won't be playing at the site for long.

If you happen to lose your connection for valid reasons at a suspicious time, it's a good idea to get back online, apologize to the opponent, and tell him that you are writing to Support to have them check the hand. If you were indeed trailing, offer to have the value of a bet (or whatever is fair) transferred from your account to the winning player's account. This can be a cheap way to protect your reputation. I did it myself once when I was babysitting for a friend.
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