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Free Odds Bets

Free odds bets can also be made on all come bets, at the same odds as on the pass line, since a come bet is the same as a pass-line bet, except for timing. A come bet can only be made after the come-out roll has established a point, not prior to that time. If single odds bets are permitted, the same single odds bets can be made on the come wagers, and if double odds are allowed, double odds can be made on come bets.

It is always to the players' advantage to bet the free odds and to take as much as they are allowed to take as their free odds bet. If single odds only are permitted, players should always wager three units on the pass line, to take advantage of the fact that they will be allowed to wager five units behind the line if the point is a 6 or 8, and four units behind the line if the point is a 5 or 9.

If double odds are allowed, players should take double odds on all points, since it is to their advantage to do this. When taking double odds, the house advantage on line bets plus s is reduced to 0.6 percent. This is the smallest advantage casino will ever have on the craps layout, and it is the lowest advantage on any casino games with the exception of online blackjack games.

Betting double odds gives a player an opportunity to win a great deal of money in a short period of time so, if possible, play at a casino where double odds are permitted. In Las Vegas some casinos, particularly the downtown ones and selected casinos on the Strip, offer double odds. In Reno practically all of the casinos offer double odds. The Lake Tahoe and Atlantic city casinos allow only single odds at their tables, though there may be exceptions in Lake Tahoe. But right now in ` Atlantic City none of the casinos permit double odds at their craps tables.

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Selecting a Cardroom
In some areas of the country, you will only have one cardroom. In other areas, you'll have a wide range of cardrooms within a short driving distance. You might feel more comfortable at a small cardroom, where you're likely to quickly become known by the staff and they'll be more likely to make you feel at home. Or you may prefer the choices in game selection offered by a larger cardroom. These preferences are a personal issue you have to decide for yourself.

Personally I prefer rooms that are moderately sized, but not really large. I like the room to be large enough to have enough business so that I'm reasonably likely to find a game anytime I visit. Very small rooms often don't have games in the mornings, or very late at night, and have limited selection on most weeknights. But I think the very large rooms tend to attract more than their share of pros and hustlers, making the games tougher. Even though the bigger rooms often have more games to choose from, the midsized rooms seem to have more games full of weak players to choose from.
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