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Free Odds Bets

The following chart shows just how much wrong bettors will be permitted to wager as single odds on any point based on a don't pass bet of $10:
4 or 10 $ 20 laid at 2-1
5 or 9 $15 laid at 3-2
6 or 8 $12 laid at 6-5

In all cases the don't pass bettors are laying odds, not taking them, and their winner's payoff will be less than their free odds bet.

Sometimes, at a single odds table, players will be permitted to lay more than the original bet as free odds. For example, if they are wagering $5 on the don't pass line, they'll be allowed to bet $9 at 3-2 against the 5 and 9 as a point rather than just $6 at 6-4.

When double odds are allowed, players can bet up to double the payoff on their original bet. If the point is 4 and the wrong bettors have put down $10 on the don't pass line, they can now wager $40, laying 2-1 odds on the 4 since the payoff, should they win, will only be $20 on the odds bet. Where double odds are allowed, $10 bettors, betting wrong, can wager the following:

4 or 10 $40 laid at 2-1
5 or 9 $30 laid at 3-2
6 or 8 $24 laid at 6-5

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Big Cross Isn't Always a Burden
Although you can have a very strong hand before the middle card is turned, the middle card affects four of the eight possible three-card combinations. It often turns a trailer into a winner. Because there have already been four betting rounds before the middle card gets turned, huge pots often swing and missed draws often curse. Someone holding 7V-9V would have his heart(s) broken by that ace of spades: His open-ended straight flush draw, a likely winner with any heart, six, or jack (14 outs: one of the hearts, the Kr, isn't available), is now worthless.

Another popular variation is called Elevator. Two vertical columns of five cards each are dealt face down and they are separated by a single face down card which can be slid up or down "the elevator" to be used to form any of five different rows. See the following figure.]
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