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Free Odds Bets

When double odds are permitted, wrong bettors must put down an awful lot of money on the layout if they constantly lay full double odds. Even though the house has no advantage on these free odds bets, and even though they reduce the overall edge the casino has, many players are loath to lay double odds even when allowed.

In the later discussion of basic winning strategies for don't bettors we always suggest laying single odds, for an unlucky streak of repeating numbers can wipe out wrong bettors in a short time if they've been laying full double odds.

When a wrong bettor wagers only on the don't pass line, the house has an advantage of 1.4 percent on his bet. When single odds are permitted, the house edge drops to 0.8 percent, and with double odds, it drops down to 0.6 percent.

Don't come bets are the same as don't pass bets, except for timing, since these don't come bets can be made only after a point is established. However, where single odds are permitted on line bets, single odds are also permitted on don't come bets, and where double odds are allowed, a don't bettor can lay double odds on don't come bets.

All free odds bets made by right or wrong bettors, whether bet on the line or on the come or don't come, can be taken down at any time, or reduced. But again, it is not to the players' advantage to remove or reduce their free odds bets.

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Big Cross Isn't Always a Burden
Let's suppose these Big Cross players are engaging in one of the more sane versions of the game and get only two hole cards. What hands are possible and what should someone be "proud" of?

The best possible hand here is quad deuces, formed using the horizontal row. Indeed, anyone forced to use the vertical column is probably in trouble, because any of the following hands make a full house horizontally: K-2, 4-2, 7-2, K-K, 4-4, 7-7. Using the vertical column, a flush is possible because there are three diamonds. A straight is possible too, but in a game where both flushes and full houses are possible, players shouldn't get unduly excited about a straight.

The number of Big Cross variations is almost limitless. You can play it high-low, you can give players additional hole cards, and you can impose limitations on how many board or hole cards a player can use.
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