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Hard 4 And Hard 10

Each of these numbers can be rolled easy in two ways. The 4 can be tossed 1-3, 3-1, and the 10, 4-6, 6-4. Since there are six ways a 7 can be rolled, the odds against either the hard 4 or hard 10 are 8-1. These bets are paid off at 7-1, and therefore the house has an advantage of 11.1 percent over the player

Talking Trash
Pass the Trash has other names, such as the colorful Screw Your Neighbor.

The other important part of the strategy and this applies to all holl'em games-is to be aware of the patterns your opponents employ in exposing their cards. You can count on some players always to have the opposite of what they appear to be exposing.

Following this reasoning, an ace exposed as the first card usually indicates a low hand. Be aware of a double fake, also known as double reverse. That is, a good player may expose his hand straightforwardly to make people think that he has something other than what he is apparently showing.

Another indication of the direction an opponent is going is the cards he passed you. Someone who passes you an ace and a deuce is not likely going low.

Pass the Trash is a game of the nuts. With so many cards to choose from, players usually come up with monster hands. Be very wary of declaring both ways with a wheel.
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