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Hard Ways

The hard way bets, unlike the other center proposition wagers, is not a one-roll bet. These bets allow the player to wager that the number selected will come up hard before it comes up easy or before a 7 is rolled. Let's explain this, to make it absolutely clear.

In craps parlance there are four hard way numbers, one for each of the even point numbers, 4, 6, 8, and 10. For a number to be hard it must come up as a pair. A hard four is 2 and 2, a hard six 3 and 3, a hard eight 4 and 4, and a hard ten 5 and 5. Each hard way can only be made with one combination of the dice.

To figure the correct odds on these bets, we must know how many ways a number can be rolled easy, that is, not as a pair, and add to that figure the number of ways a 7 can be rolled, which is six ways

Establishing Your Account
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For this reason, in an era of huge online cardrooms that have a multi-year history of tremendous profitability, there is little incentive to patronize a small, new cardroom, unless you have certain guarantees or assurances.
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