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How the Controlled

His demonstration was successful and we won a little money. Near the end, however, the stickman batted the dice out of the air with his stick, picked them up, and said, "That's enough of that."

But this second glimpse into the winning arena carne at a time when I was still too preoccupied with online blackjack games to recognize the possibilities. And it wasn't for another five years, in the earls 1990s, that I began to study these methods for altering the natural odds of craps and gaining an edge over the house.

Although we have been shooting craps ever since my first trip to the casino in 1956, we played only- to unwind after a tough session at the online blackjack games tables. It was, and still is, my favorite games, but purely for fun.

Then began one of the most fantastic winning streaks of my gambling career. There were periods when we won 15 to 20 craps sessions in a row -some with small wins and some with big. we took this streak in stride in the beginning, thinking that things were evening up, that we was due because of prior losses. But the streak continued with intermittent stoppages on short-term losing streaks. Not wanting to give back my winnings, I would just cease play for a few weeks, a month or even a few months during this four-year period.

In early 1996 when another incredible streak began, we started to really analyze my play. we realized that we was shooting differently that subconsciously, we had developed a controlled throw, not setting the dice, but throwing them the same way ever time, or at least trying to-an easy muscle-memory rhythm roll.

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An important part of proper play is acting on your hand in turn. This means you should not bet or fold until the player on your right has acted on his hand. Even if you know you are going to fold and a call of nature summons you, you are supposed to wait until your turn to fold. Any other action can affect the hand, because players who know someone behind them is going to fold can bet more aggressively. Usually a cardroom's rules include specific mention of this.

Betting too early is also a violation. You must wait before playing. If the player two positions to your right has just made a bet and the player to your right is still looking at his cards, don't bet. Wait until your neighbor acts on his hand and then make your move. If you act out of turn, you may cause the players on your left to fold or bet thinking that you have acted properly. Then an argument necessitating a floorman's decision can arise when the player on your right now decides he either wants to raise or do something that negates the action to your left.
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