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How the Controlled

When he sevened out, he got a 20-second round of applause, with the dealers applauding too. It took five minutes to color everyone up. Orange chips ($1,000) were disappearing quickly on the color-up.

This shooter was in a groove, a zone. It's like when you see a shooter get hot in a basketball games, or a baseball player go on a hitting streak, or a roulette dealer get into a groove when spinning the wheel.

Over the next year, We worked with our associates and a number of network members to perfect the controlled throw. Before I get to the details, let me answer two common questions that occur for most craps players when they_ consider the possibility of a controlled throw:

1. Do we have to know how to play the games to learn and use a controlled throw? 'No. You don't have to know a thing about
the games to use the method. You'll learn all you need to in this website-it shouldn't take more than 1 5 minutes to learn what craps is all about.

2. Does it require much skill and coordination to develop a rhythm roll? Is it difficult? It depends. Most gamblers require many hours of practice; some don't. But I've personally taught players and seen them walk into a casino a couple of hours later, execute the controlled throw, and win.

The answer to this question is where the controversy about controlled throws begins. The controversy goes something like this: How can you get any control when you release the dice in a medium arced throw, peaking a couple of feet above the tabletop, with the dice landing and bumping up against the front wall into those diamond-shaped bumpers and then finally coming to rest?

Our answer to the skeptics is that it takes only 1 controlled throw out of 43, with the other 42 random, to alter the random outcome of the games to an even games for the 6 and 8 place bets. We've done the computations. I urge you to keep an open mind! Employing a controlled throw and setting the dice will alter the random outcome of the games and lead to your advantage in casino craps.

You will notice that We have been using the two terms controlled throw and rhythm roll interchangeably to this point in this page. They mean the same thing.

Before you read the description of the advantage method, it is necessary for you to understand how and why an advantage can be achieved. in the next page, we define and calculate the player advantage. I think you’ll find these calculations interesting and fairly easy to understand.

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Generally, in a nine-player game, the nine spots are broken down into early position, middle position, and late position. As you might guess, the first three spots (the two blinds plus the under-the-gun player) are early position, the next three are middle position, and the last three, culminating with the button, are late position.

Of course, these labels are merely rough approximations. When you're the seventh of nine to act, you might technically be in late position, but your position is still significantly inferior to the player holding the button. This is why many players break the positions down still further, calling the fourth spot "early middle position" and the sixth spot "late middle position," and the like.
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