Games Is Played

The games of craps only looks like a complicated games because of all the betting opportunities offered to players. The many ways to win or lose your money make the layout a very impressive pastiche of lines, numbers, letters and colors. When you go past a craps table in full riot, so much appears to be happening-chips are flying from player to layout and from player to dealer, players are shouting orders to dealers, cursing or whooping or crying, and dealers are taking chips, throwing chips, placing chips, paying off chips, and arguing with players-that the novice casino gambler becomes intimidated and fails to see the underlying simplicity of the games.

2001: A Cyberspace Oddity
Now, as we enter The Golden Age of Poker, the only dinosaurs players have to worry about are 56k modem connections and even those work beautifully. Software works well, the Internet community is so large that many sites offer a wide variety of populated games at all stake levels and companies now realize that if they don't offer their players incentives and good customer service, they might take their business elsewhere.

You have many excellent choices and there's no reason why you must give all your business to one site, although you should probably limit yourself to a few for reasons you'll soon learn.
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