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Use Another Rhythm

I've now got $30 on the pass-line with odds of $60. Her point is 4. She makes the 4 and I pick up my win of $150 ($30 from the pass-line win and $120 from the double-odds win). l leave $30 on the pass line for the next come-out roll. My last come bet-$30goes to the 4. I throw the dealer $60 for the odds on this last collie bet and say, "Let it work." On the come-out roll, all odds bets are automatically turned off because the players are all pulling for the w-inning 7 on this come-out roll. This means that if the shooter should throw another 4 on the come-out roll, that $60 odds bet would not win $120. You have to tell the dealer that the bet "works." Since I was already on the 4, that bet pays off but stays up because the last number rolled was a 4.

On the come-out roll she rolls a 6, so I position $100 behind the $30 pass-line bet for the odds. I make another $30 come bet and watch her roll another 4. Off and on for $150 ($30 pays $30; $60 pays $120 with the 2-to-1 odds). This means that my come bet stays on the d. I watch in amazement as she rolls two more 4s in succession, and I win $150 on each one.

However, this young lady is making $5 and $10 bets and not raising her bet. She's now been throwing the dice for 20 minutes or so (remember, it was a crowded table) and she's won only about $50. Every so often she complains to the dealer that nobody is betting for her! She's casting envious glances at the black and green chips that many of the other players are accumulating and wishing she had some. This tells me she is a novice at the games, that she has a natural rhythm roll and does not know how to exploit it to her advantage.

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If one player has bet on the end (final betting round) and has already been called when a third player decides to call also, that third player is said to be overcalling. Someone who overcalls almost always has a fairly strong hand, because he is not trying to force anyone out with a raise; his bet announces, in effect, "I believe my hand is better than either of yours."

Acting in turn means more than just waiting until the player on your right does "something" before you act on your hand. This is especially true in a big bet game. Wait until the player to your right has completed his action, not simply started it. For example, if a no-limit hold'em player says "I raise," and you immediately dump your cards before waiting to find out how much the raise is, he can make that raise larger less player to worry about.
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