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Use Another Rhythm

I was in the Hilton Casino in Atlantic City, observing a fairly crowded craps table, when the dice were passed to a young lady to my right. I figured she'd quickly seven out and I'd have the dice in no time, because she didn't look like much of a craps player.

I watched her roll a few numbers, including three 11s in four rolls. I decided to "tiptoe" into the games with a $10 come bet. She rolled a 6. I took single odds. She rolled a few more numbers. I won the 6, so I proceeded to load up on three more $10 come bets.

Now she had my attention. She had a funny way of cupping her right hand over the dice and jiggling them a little bit on the table surface before setting and then throwing them with a nice, clean, medium-arced throw down into the left-hand corner of the table. A rhythm roller. I became convinced when she rolled a couple of more points with a few numbers in between.

Now my pass-line bet is up to my standard $30 unit and I've loaded up three $30 come bets, all with double odds.

She goes through the same routine every time, sets the dice the same wav every time, and is throwing number after number.

I get worried when the cocktail waitress bothers her with her drink order; she turns around to tip the waitress and I wonder if I should take my odds bets down-is her rhythm broken" No. She nonchalantly returns to the task at hand and continues throwing numbers.

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Your Loss Is Limited in Poker Tournaments
The cage is a high stakes casino or cardroom cashier, so named because of the bars or thick glass that make breaking and entering a bit more difficult than it is at you local Kwik-E Mart or, in towns outside Springfield, a Seven-Eleven.

Unfortunately, if you get hot, you can't take these tournament chips to the cage and ask for their face value. You must play them in the tournament until either you’ve eliminated everyone else, have gotten knocked out yourself, or 9in the case, have gotten tournament discussed in Chapter 22) play is halted because everyone remaining has won an equal share of prize money.
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