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Maintain and improve

The rhythm roll and set gives you an advantage over the casino by altering the natural outcome of the dice. Now that you have identified and learned to exploit this advantage, you need to maintain and even enhance it. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this.

Reliability of the Owners
Well-run Internet poker rooms are highly profitable ventures for their owners, and any large, well-established room should be perfectly safe. As of this writing, the fastest way to see which rooms are the largest is to visit PokerPulse.com, which tracks the number of games and players at leading sites.

This doesn't mean you should necessarily rule out a newer or smaller Internet poker room from consideration, but unless it is owned by people of substantial means, and/ or has people of high established integrity and fame committing their names and assets to it, you're probably better off waiting a little while to see how the new room performs.
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