Reliability of the Owners
online blackjack games is the most popular casino table games. When played properly using basic strategy you can reduce the house edge to less than one percent. With card counting you can get the edge.
Games and Limits
The next consideration is whether or not your favorite games and limits regularly spread. If you love playing Omaha, the fact that a site offers a hundred different hold'em games doesn't do you much good. If you like playing $2-4 limits, there's no need to play at a site that regularly gets only $1-2 and $4-8 games.

Almost all large sites "offer" just about every game and every possible betting limit, but offering those games and actually having those games regularly populated with players are entirely different matters. Downloading software from a number of different big sites is quick, easy, and it enables you to look not just at what games are theoretically available, but what games actually run at the times of day you like to play.

Theoretically you could open accounts at a dozen or more different cardrooms, giving you the maximum chance to find an open seat in your game of choice at any given moment. As a practical matter, you don't even need to have a very large poker bankroll to take this approach, so long as all of your rooms are quick to accept deposits from your credit card or a service like Neteller.
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