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  Maintain Your Advantage

Tip 4
Never play when you are depressed, tired, sick, or under the influence of alcohol. For the majority of players, alcohol has no part in a successful craps session. If you're a moderate drinker, be careful about playing craps after dinner. Sure, it's relaxing, but does it contribute to a better focus and therefore a more successful session? It may be the reverse-for some people, it may actually be more difficult or even impossible to focus after imbibing alcohol. Howard. some gamblers loosen up a bit after a cocktail or two, which allow, them to focus better and execute a more accurate rhythm roll. Only you know your limits, so be careful.

Tip 5
If possible, warm up before your session. After arriving at the casino, get "grooved in" quickly by playing a few "hit-and-run" games wherever possible. When You seven out, leave the table and look for another one where you can get a shooting opportunity quickly. Don't let early seven outs discourage you! Remember, even though you have the. edge, you have to "key it in" with muscle memory leading to your rhythm roll. Every one of us has a different set of muscles with a different muscle memory. Knowing yours is extremely important.

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Although individual bets in pot-limit games are not generally as large as those in no-limit games, pot-limit games can be much bigger than they initially appear. Bets in a game with $1$2 blinds, for example, could quickly grow large enough to necessitate a player's entire stack to call. Pot-limit, like spread-limit and no-limit, is a tough game for the beginner.

Subsequent players have the same choices as the spread-limit game: Fold, call the preceding bet, or raise by any amount between the call and the size of the pot. From the previous example, if Jim opens for the minimum, $2, Sue can call the $2, or raise any amount from $2 to $7 (the size puts in the $2 call). That is, she can bet anywhere from $2 to $9. If Jim opens for the maximum, $7, Sue can call the $7, or raise any amount from $5 Qim's raise) to $17 (the size of the pot after she puts in the $7 call). That is, she can bet anywhere from $7 to $24.
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