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Maintain Your Advantage

Tip 1
Never play with "scared money." Realize that you could lose. Find your comfort level. Don't chase losses. If your betting units are too high for your comfort level, this could affect your execution of the rhythm roll.

Tip 2
Do not let dealers or other players annoy you. If this is not possible, leave the table. Making dollar bets for the dealers on a hard way point or a come-out 11 will nullify any interference with your delivery or heat of any kind. Do not get caught up in the excitement of the games as the other players urge you on to make your point or numbers. Maintain focus. There will be plenty of time after your long roll to let the adrenaline flow, enjoy the win, and accept the kudos from the other players.

Tip 3
Try this approach to maintain your focus: When rolling, especially when the table gets crowded, try to find a "hallway" at the far end of the table with about a foot between two pass-line or odds bets as your target area. Then extend the hallway back to your spot. Then, just throw the dice down the hallway, trying to deaden them off the far wall. Picture a cereal bowl sitting against the end of the wall, and just try to lob the dice into the bowl -softly, so they'll stay In it.

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The Power of a Big Stack
Having a big stack well above par helps your chances of winning an event in several different ways. First, it allows you to bully the short stacks (as with all comments about big stacks, this is more true in no-limit than in pot-limit or limit, and more true in pot-limit than in limit poker). When you raise a short stack, its owner has to worry about losing those extra-valuable last few chips. The hand becomes critically important to him. It isn't vital to you because the short-stacked player doesn't have enough chips to damage the big-stacked player.

If you think that "bullying" sounds a little bit like "stealing," you're exactly right. Players don't like to "mess with" big stacks. Whenever someone has a bigger stack than you, he can break you but you can't break him. Indeed, if your stack is small enough, you can't even hurt him.
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