Pass and Dont

You might note that another betting area travels around the table just above the pass line. This is called the don't pass. Just as the name implies, this bet is the opposite of the pass line bet. When the shooter is on his come-out roll, the don't pass bettor places a bet in the don't pass area. He is hoping that a 2 or 3 is rolled, for then he is paid off at even money for his don't pass bet (a 12 is a tie or push). Unfortunately, on the come-out roll the don't pass bettor loses if the shooter rolls a seven or eleven. Once the shooter has established his point, the don't pass bettor is hoping that the shooter rolls a seven before he rolls the point number (this is called sevening out). Once a shooter sevens out, he relinquishes the dice to the next shooter for a new come-out roll. If a shooter makes his point, he will be on the come-out again, just as he was above, and he will continue to shoot until he eventually sevens out.

Pass line bettors are betting with the dice. Don't pass bettors are betting against the dice. Pass line bettors are called right or do bettors. Don't pass bettors are called wrong or don't bettors. Shooters can, if they wish, bet the don't pass on their own rolls. This is sometimes referred to as betting against yourself.

That's the games of craps in a nutshell.
Are pass line and don't pass bets good bets? You bet! They both carry an edge of approximately 1.4 percent

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High-Low Hands
Suppose the situation gets more complex; now we add a third player who declares high only with his trip jacks. Two players with wheels both swing. If you must win both when you swing, the player with the trip jacks would get the entire pot in many games! In other games, the player with the jacks would get the high and the players with the wheels would split the low, while in others, the player with the jacks would get shut out, with the others splitting the pot.

It can get even worse. Suppose now the three hands are a wheel, a 2-3-4-5-6 straight, and trip jacks. If you must win both ways, backing in is allowed and the two low straights each swing, the trip jacks get the whole pot in many games because the low straights have each lost in one direction. In some games, the wheel would get shut out because it has been beaten for high, but the player with the 2-3-4-5-6 would get the whole pot because "the jacks can't back in" to win the high end when the six straight beat him in his direction. In other "no backing in" games, the wheel would get half the pot and the six straight half the pot because that's what would have happened if the jacks weren't in.
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