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Place Bets

Place bets can be called off at any time by the player for a limited number of rolls or they can simply be taken down, also at the player's option. If the bets are called off, the dealer will put a small off button on the player's chips and this will remain until the player tells the dealer that his bets are working again.

Place bets are very flexible. When making them, you need not bet in regular or precise amounts, so long as you give enough money to insure correct payoffs at house odds. For example, if you give the dealer $9 to bet on the 5, you will be paid 7-5 for the first $5 and only even money thereafter for the remaining $4. Therefore, you should either give the dealer $5 or $10 or multiples of $5 to insure that you get the proper house odds. And if you're betting on the 6 or 8, you must give multiples of $6 to get proper house payoffs.

And when making these wagers, you may bet, for example, $50 on the 4, $80 on the 5, $30 on the 6, $60 on the 8, and so forth. You need not bet the same amount on every number. And you don't have to bet every number. Some bettors prefer the outside numbers, the 4, 5, 9, and 10, and never bet the 6 and 8.

This is foolish, of course, but many players do this. Others never bet anything but the 6 and 8, and still others bet only on inside numbers, the 5, 6, 8, and 9. But no matter how many numbers they bet or in what amounts, the house odds remain rigidly against them and never change.

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Telling Lies and Getting Paid
If a bet truly meant, "I have a strong hand," then that would be the end of it unless the opponent had a very good hand of his own. Poker is a game of incomplete information with a lot of built-in deception, though, so confrontations are frequent. Good hands get paid off and bluffs succeed.

Of course, because most players are aware that everyone is trying to deceive everyone else, good hands often don't get paid off and bluffs frequently do get called.

Perhaps because of this underlying acceptance of deception, questionable ethics can creep into other areas of poker. These are situations for which there are rules and these rules and ethical guidelines need to be enforced for the good of the game.
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