Setting The Dice

Let's start with the set or positioning of the dice. How do you set the dice prior to the throw? What numbers should be on the top, bottom, and sides?

There are 1,152 different combinations of how two die can be positioned. You can witness the many variations by observing craps shooters in the casino who use a set. Some set the dice on the point; others use some standard number that may be their favorite lucky number.

I'll never forget one evening in the old Playboy Club in Atlantic City, when I was standing next to a shooter setting the dice on the two ones. He would position the dice so that the ones were straight up and then chant "the eves, the eves" prior to the throw. (In craps jargon, ones arc known as "snake eves" or "the eves.") So you'll see all kinds of sets at the table. What amazes me is the care many shooters use to set the dice, then pick them up and throw- them haphazardly down the table with no rhythm roll whatsoever.

The 6-T Set. The set we will teach you here is very effective and, with practice, will achieve a player advantage. It's called the 6-T Set because the two sixes are arranged in a T formation,as shown in figures 7a and 7b

It's as simple as that. Arrange the two dice with the sixes on top as shown, Without regard to what's on the two sides or the bottom, and you're ready to pick them tip and throw.

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The Power of a Big Stack

An important corollary here is that a big stack should be cautious in getting involved in a hand with another big stack. If there is only one player at the table with enough chips to bust you, why play against him? Naturally, if you have a great hand, the chance to double your big stack can make it worthwhile, but otherwise, you're taking unnecessary risks.

In the 2002 World Poker Open, a $10,000 buy-in event that was paying $500,000 for first, there were 23 players left when a collective groan hit the room. Humberto Brenes, one of four players who owned a huge stack, got into an all-in hand with one of the other three: me. Why a groan? The other competitors realized that whoever won that hand could bully everyone else left. Brenes won the hand and eventually the tournament, which is why I'm writing this book instead of sunning myself in Hawaii.

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