Table And Layout

An understanding of the layout on the heavy wooden 12-by-31/2foot table is the next order of business (the size varies-some tables are as short as eight feet). The green baize cloth on the surface, a "craps road map" if You like, permits the games to function efficiently. Of course, we dare not do away with it, but if the layout suddenly disappeared, a dice games could still he carried on. But just imagine the dealers trying to remember all the bets some dozen or more players wish to make. The crew is very good, but they are not superhuman. Examine the two outside sections in Exhibit 3. Note that they are symmetrical, so a player can stand anywhere and have access to identical areas. The center section is under control of the stickman with his proposition bets.

You are always surprised by how many visitors to a casino play with real money without understanding the rules and conditions of the games. People who spend days comparison shopping for everything they buy, from groceries to stocks and bonds, blithely toss their money on the table without the slightest idea of where the best and worst bets are. There are over 30 different bets on a craps layout, but fewer than half a dozen offer the odds that make craps the games with the best value in the casino, exceeded only by online blackjack games when played by very knowledgeable players. Let's make a study of the most frequently, made bets, pointing out those that give you the best value, with the idea of getting the most for our money. Refer to Exhibit 3 as you read the following paragraphs.

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The Tight-Aggressive Player
This is the poker equivalent of shooting an air ball. You have chances for a gut shot straight and a backdoor flush, but because you will need to catch two perfect cards for the flush and one unlikely one for the straight, your chances of making a strong hand are slight.

Because you raised and an ace hit the flop, though, you have a pretty good chance to take the pot right away. So many people raise with hands containing an ace that it will be difficult for anyone to call you without one, even if, while playing a hand like J-10, they have flopped middle pair. Someone holding J-10 would call a loose-aggressive player very quickly here, but might decide to let it go against a tight-aggressive player.
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