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Table Bankroll-Wrong Bettors

This is not to put down people with limited bankrolls. I'm simply stating a fact of gambling from life craps is a game where, in order to make money, a player has to get a lot of cash down on the layout, even before he makes one winning collection. If he doesn't do this, he won't be playing the games correctly, and he'll be severely restricting his chances of maximizing his profits.

The best way to play in the way suggested in this Site, but those bets cost money, and sometimes a great deal of money will have to be bet before payoffs start. That's the player's investment in the games, and it's an investment, if made correctly, that will pay him dividends.

How Much should A Player lose at one table?
The answer to this question is rather simple. You should never lose more than the single-session bankroll you have brought to the table, and this amount should never be more than one seventh to one-tenth of your total bankroll for gambling purposes.

If you've lost your single-session bankroll, you should leave the table and not dig into your pockets for more cash. If you follow this rule consistently you'll be smarter than 95 percent of the gamblers at the craps tables. Bad cycles and streaks do occur, and when you're caught in the whiplash, don't fight it. Get away from the table. Get a cool drink or go back to your room, take a walk and refresh yourself. Do anything but reach for more cash to gamble that money away at the table. Remember, the first loss is the cheapest.

What if you're not completely busted? What if there are still a few chips left in your rail? Leave when those chips aren't sufficient to cover another cycle of betting. If you've been betting $10 on pass line and come bets with double odds, it will cost you about $100 to complete another cycle of bets. If you have less than that in the rails, it's time to go, because more money will have to come out of your pocket to finish the next cycle.
How Much Should a Player Win at One Table?

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Reasons to Play More Than One Game Simultaneously
Record-keeping is important for both winners and losers, but it's astounding how many players decide to start keeping records only after they have a three-or four- session win streak, so they can gleefully talk about their "four big bets per hour average. A couple of big losses follow and not only does the player stop talking about his average, he often stops keeping records. Players want positive reinforcement, but they need reality.

Before you decide that you should play two games at once because you have an established track record of winning one big bet an hour or more, you should log enough hours at your level of choice to have reliable statistical data, not short-term "of course this rate will keep up" data.
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