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Table Bankroll-Wrong Bettors

At last we come to the good news. Betting with our systems, there will be times when the money will be flowing into your rails, when you'll have doubled your original stake in no time at all.

Above all, the right bettor should remember this single rule: Leave when the hot roll is over.

Expect only one hot roll per session and leave the table when it has ended. Take your money and run just as soon as that shooter has sevened out, after holding the dice for a half hour or longer. That's really the best advice I can give a right bettor.

If there's been no single hot roll, but you've been winning steadily, try to double your original stake. If you can't seem to get this far ahead, put away your original stake plus fifty or sixty units, taking them from the rails and placing them into your pockets. Play with the rest of your chips. If you keep winning, keep playing and then remove another fifty or sixty chips again. Keep doing this until there are no more chips in the rails or there aren't enough for a complete betting cycle. Don't reach into your pockets for more chips once you've salted them away. These are to be considered untouchable until you're at the cashier's cage, exchanging them for cold cash, green and crisp.

If you're betting wrong and you're ahead, leave in the middle of a hot roll when all your bets have been removed from the layout by repeating numbers. Leave with some winnings intact, but make sure to leave.

If you're betting wrong and winning, try to double your money, then either leave or put away your original stake plus all the rest of your chips except for one cycle's worth. Play them out. If you lose, leave. If you win, stick around and keep putting chips into your pockets until there are no more chips on the rails or until you don't have enough chips remaining for a full cycle of betting.

But never, never reach into your pockets for chips, once they've been placed there from the rails. Simply leave the table and cash in, and you'll find yourself a constant winner.

To be a winner, you must leave a winner. Always leave while ahead, and you can never go wrong.

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The Loose-Aggressive Player
If you limp in and then later in that round must call a raise, it's fairly easy to call because you already have one bet committed and you're probably getting good pot odds. However, when there has been a raise before the action reaches you, you have to call two bets cold. The pot odds are worse, so you need a stronger hand. Most good players won't call two bets cold. If their hand isn't strong enough to make it three bets, they'll fold.

This lets you play heads-up against someone who often doesn't have a strong hand and you'll have position on him. If your style and reputation is tight-aggressive, you will get to isolate the loose-aggressive opponent much more because your re-re-raise will get more respect than a loose player's re-raise.
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