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  The Basic games-Line Bets

There are two kinds of line bets available at the casino craps table-the pass line and don't pass bets. Sometimes the pass line bet is called the front line and the don't pass called the back line, but we'll simply call them pass line and don't pass, to conform to the standard American craps layout.

These line bets can only be made prior to the come-out roll, and their final determination is involved with that’ throw in certain cases and with subsequent rolls when a point is established on the come-out roll.

The basic games of craps is involved with the line bets, and the vast majority of players make pass-line bets so that's the bet we'll discuss first.

  Reasons Not to Play Under a Screen Name
Probably the single best reason to play under your own name comes up when you know your own weaknesses and that you have a hard time controlling them. If you're reasonably sure that when playing under a screen name, you'd be vulnerable to going on tilt or making crazy plays, using your real name might force you to play more responsibly.

If you are a talented player who is trying to build a reputation (possibly to attract endorsement money or a backer), you might want to play under your real name for the same reasons you might want to enter high profile B&M tournaments.

Most sites don't let you switch screen names without a very good reason, so make sure you pick one you think you can be comfortable with for a long time.
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