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The Controlled Throw

How would you like to walk up to a craps table knowing that you had an excellent chance of creating a hot table, that when your turn came to pick up the dice, you could throw number after number without the seven showing?

How would it feel to make come bets and place bets with the confidence of knowing that you were going to collect winnings, sometimes substantial winnings, before sevening out?

If you've ever been at a hot table, you know the excitement. Chips stacking up on all the numbers. players yelling and even screaming. Dealers pushing huge stacks of chips to players on the winning points. Numbers coming up roll after roll, with many players collecting on every roll. pit bosses hovering over the table with nervous looks.

If you're a craps player, you've been there. It's by far the most exciting part of gambling for any of the casino games.

This is what a controlled throw or rhythm roll is all about-to put you in a position to create that hot table and to fill that rack of chips in front of you. Not every time, mind you. But often enough to create some fantastic profit possibilities.

Is this possible, you ask-to alter the random outcome of the dice? To actually create your own advantage over the casinos? Everything ever written about the games states otherwise. "a game of independent trials" is what the gambling experts call it, with each throw being totally random and independent of every other throw.

Well then, how about the casinos? Surely they know whether it's possible to control the dice, don't they? Some do and some don't. Try to set the dice in some casino locations and dealers admonish you not to. Step up to a table in other locations and you can set the dice any way you want (as long as you don't hold up the games). But knowledgeable dealers who have been around craps tables for a few years will tell you they've seen rhythm rollers.

Wins and Losses
Although there is little reason to expect that your results should be better at one site than at another, don't ignore the classic gambling wisdom "If something keeps happening, it's probably happening for a reason, even if you can't figure out what the reason is."

Most of the time, that advice is meant to tell people who are losing to quit playing, but it can be interpreted in a positive fashion, too. It's possible, for example, that one site gets the bulk of its players from a certain time zone, and at the time you like playing, those other players are at the end of their day and tired. If you consistently achieve better results at one site, stay there. It could be nothing more than a self fulfilling prophecy-filled with more confidence, you play better-or there could be an actual reason.
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