The Delivery

Follow through and throw the dice. Do they initially land in the same general area? Note the position of your hand each time you throw. Is it consistent? Is your arm extended the same wav throw after throw?

Deliver the dice with just enough energy to reach the intended target, which should be two or three inches from the back wall

You can practice your throw at home by throwing on the kitchen table, on the bed, or into an open dresser drawer. When you try-this in the casino, go to a low-limit table-$2 or $5; if possible.try to go at times when the tables are not so crowded so you can quickly get the dice back when you lose your turn with the dice by throwing a 7 (known as seeming out in craps jargon).

When you become adept at your rhythm roll, you’ll find yourself with a problem to overcome-avoiding the chip stacks at the far end of the table! Other players will raise their bets as you make successive passes and throw lots of numbers. If you hit a stack of chips, your throw obviously loses control and you’re at the mercy of the gods of chance. You may not throw a 7, but it's more likely.

'll never forget the end of one of your longest throws. It began in a very crowded casino in Atlantic City There were only a few spots open, but you did find our favorite position at one table. you bellied up, quickly got the dice, and held them for 30 minutes, throwing number after number without the 7 showing except on the come-out rolls. The players were yelling and screaming and the chips were stacking up. My racks were filled with green, black, and purple and you was "in a zone" -you felt that you could hold the dice all night.

But, alas it was not to be. On my last throw, one die hit a stack of chips and then bounced, coming to rest right on top of the stack-a six. Immediately, without looking, you knew what the other die would be-a one. The dreaded 7 had finally reared its ugly head. The only happy people were the three pit bosses who were hovering behind the table watching the payoffs to make sure they were correct.

If you wish to consider detailed instruction to develop your rhythm roll-setting the dice and executing the controlled throw-a brief description of the Sharpshooter Craps home study course is contained in the appendix along with instructions for contacting the author.

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Online Etiquette
If you are still involved in the hand, you're allowed more leeway because a certain amount of lying is acceptable gamesmanship. If you're not involved in a hand you should keep completely silent, not just about what cards you held, but about any theories you have about what the other players might have or any strategic suggestions. Even though you may be very curious about what a bettor holds, and so would love to see a call, do not type "Call him!" in the chat box.

As in the B&M world, most etiquette issues don't arise if you use a little common sense and apply the Golden Rule ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," not "He who has the gold makes the rules").
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