The Delivery

So now we're ready to execute the rhythm roll and launch the dice into their trajectory. Consideration should be given to comfort, control, and consistency. Try a few delivery systems and select one that feels right for your anatomy. Attempt it from different spots on the table so you'll find the spot J that's most comfortable for you.

After setting, pick up the dice the same way each time. After you pick them up the first few times, turn your wrist so you can observe how you are holding them. Are your fingers situated around the dice the same way each time you pick them up? Is the holding force you apply comfortable and balanced? You want just enough gripping force to keep the dice steady during the release, but not too excessive, which might cause the dice to "squirt" from your hand.

There are several types of grips and throws you can try. Space limitations prevent me from describing and illustrating them all; however, We will show you Sharpshooter's grip which he calls the "three-fingered front."

Try this one, but you should also experiment with others to find the grip best suited for you. One of the benefits of attending our course is the personalized instruction for critiquing your throw and for assisting you to find that grip and throw which work best for you. Details are in the appendix.

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Call Dealer-Advantage Games
Some of my poker foes got an early sample of my creativity before I became famous. As a youngster playing in a $10-20 six-card stud high-low bet-declare-bet game, I was drawing at both a straight and a six-low going to the final card. I caught a useless king, leaving me with 16) 5-b-3-2 IK~ la pair of sixes for high, and a king for low). This hand had no chance to win a showdown, so desperation led to inspiration.

With three opponents still live, I declared both ways and tossed $20 into the pot. My first opponent "smelled something fishy" but only had a pair of aces and was worried about a later competitor having a better high, and folded. My next opponent had an eight-low, but felt I "obviously" had a six-straight and folded. My final opponent was showing a lot of high cards, but had been drawing at a high straight and couldn't even beat a pair of sixes! I won a $1,000 pot with the third-worst hand at the table.
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