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The Dice and Combinations

Casino craps is played with two dice, each die a nearly perfect cube having six sides, and each side of each die is imprinted with from 1 to 6 dots, representing the numbers 1 through 6. Thus, with two dice being used in the games, the possible combinations that can be thrown are 6 x 6, or 36. The highest possible number that can be rolled is a 12, while the lowest possible number is a 2.

Casino dice differ from ordinary dice used in games like backgammon in several ways. First of all, casino dice are bigger, usually three-fourths to an inch square on all sides, and the edges, unlike backgammon and other games dice, are sharp and pointed.

Casino dice are usually red in color and made of a hard transparent plastic. The dice are transparent for a very good reason, since any tampering with the dice by weighting them (loaded dice) is nearly impossible if one can see through the cubes. To safeguard the dice further, each die is imprinted with the casino's logo and name and, in most cases, with a coded number.

All of these serve a direct purpose. Not only do they identify the dice as belonging to a particular casino, but should dice be switched by cheats during a game, the casino employees can verify their authenticity by examining and checking out the code number. It is the duty of the boxman, the seated casino executive who is in charge of a craps table, to look over any die that has fallen or been thrown off the table, checking not only for dents or imperfections, but also for the coded number to make certain that this was the same die that had just been rolled at that particular table.

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