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Tipping the Dealers

Some players also bet on the 11 or 12 for the boys; others bet on any craps for them. However, it would be wiser to make a bet that gives the crew a better chance of winning, such as a line or come bet. If I've been doing well at the table, I always make sure to make a line bet for them along with my own, and if a point number is thrown on the come-out roll, I back their bet with proper odds. The dealers appreciate this kind of bet, because they know they stand a very good chance of winning it.

Some dealers don't deserve to be tipped. Some are nasty, impolite, incompetent, and disinterested in the games, and it makes the gambling session an arduous one. Dealers such as these make the player feel as though they're doing him a favor by taking his bet. When I encounter this type of dealer, unless I'm in the middle of a favorable roll, I get away from the table and take my business elsewhere.

Some players tip dealers just to keep them on the safe side, especially if they're big bettors and big winners. They don't want to make enemies among the dealers, because all gambling wins should be reported to the IRS, and some dealers who have been stiffed by big winners can get downright mean. I had dinner one night in Vegas with a craps dealer from a Strip casino, and he mentioned, after a number of drinks, a story about a player who had been at his table some months before. The player had a fantastic winning streak, taking in over $50,000, and in the end he tipped the boys $25, one green chip.

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Strong Means Weak, Weak Means Strong
The classic principle of tells is that when he's acting he's lying. A player who goes out of his way to act weak or indecisive is very likely to have a very strong hand. The reverse is less reliable, but a player who goes out of his way to appear very strong and sure of himself is probably very weak. This is less reliable because some players do go out of their way to act strong when they are strong. And some players act strong when they are strong because they don't care if you know it or not. But almost no one goes out of his way to appear weak when he really is weak. Some players behave weak naturally when they are weak, but they aren't going out of their way to do so.
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