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Craps is my favorite games. You can yell and shout and let it all hang out. There is camaraderie at the craps table found in no other casino games. Unlike online blackjack games, where a dealer deals the cards, or roulette, where the croupier spins the wheel, the craps player initiates the action by throwing the dice.

Although the house's edge can be reduced to less than 1 percent, it must prevail in the long run (this is without the controlled throw or rhythm roll, discussed in the next). Yet players who understand the rules and procedures of the games-which bets are most favorable, which bets to avoid, how to recognize and capitalize on a winning streak, and when to quit-can have a great time and possibly make quite a bit of money.

Many people confess their complete ignorance of the casino games of craps. Some men, especially war veterans, played a street games of dice that is quite different from bank craps as played in the most casinos. In any case, the concept of craps is quite simple and easy to understand. The biggest problem in the casino is overcoming the idea that the games itself is complicated. Far from it. the stumbling blocks rest in the elaborate layout, the odds, the action, the barking of the stickmen, and the shouting of the players, especially during a hot hand. I will do my best to take away the bewilderment.

Live cards
The need for live cards is usually thought of as a different concept than domination. But the two are actually closely related, both stemming from the goal of ensuring that you have ways to improve, just in case you aren't already best.
The concept of live cards is usually applied to seven-card stud or other games with private exposed cards. The concept of domination is usually applied to hold'em or other games with common or shared exposed cards.

Live Cards
When you are drawing you need to have cards to draw. Hence the concept of live cards. A live hand in seven-card stud is a hand whose cards that will improve the hand haven't already been dealt to another player. Even if you already have the best hand, you want to have redraws in case the other players catch up with you. This is why you prefer to start with low draws in seven-card stud hi/lo split. With a low draw, if you make your hand you probably will have a redraw for the high half. Or if you miss your draw, you might still back into a high hand.
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