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Where To Go From Here

I've given you enough information and instruction in this to use your rhythm roll to your advantage and to identify other shooters who possess this skill. Your next step after reading this site is to practice your rhythm roll at home. Record each throw and see how long you can continue throwing before the seven shows. Then compute your seven-to-rolls ratio (divide your total number of throws by the number of sevens thrown). Use the graph in 11, Exhibit 4, to determine your advantage. If you are interested in further instruction on controlled throws and would like to network with other rhythm rollers, We invite your inquiry about our instructional program called "Sharpshooter Craps."

Perilous Play
If you fall apart when losing, try exchanging any large denomination chips or cash already on the table for the smallest legal size (for example, exchange your $100 chips for $5 chips). This might help you feel like your situation isn't so bad without putting more money at risk. Beware of pulling lots of extra cash from your wallet just to reestablish your chip mountain when losing. If you're on tilt, you may have made it too easy to throw more chips away.

If you find that your game worsens when you get far ahead or behind, you may be counting your chips too often. Try focusing on each hand. Similarly, some players cannot stand success. Once they get ahead 40 big bets, they get giddy and play too many pots. Before they know it, most of their win is gone. Although learning how to stop making this mistake is your best long-term move, if it happens again and again, you probably should accept this flaw in your game and get out
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