Having a Great Guys' Night Out and Playing Real Poker are not Mutually Exclusive
You might be surprised that a purist like me would endorse alcohol consumption at the poker table. Yes, every single book you read on serious poker will scold you not to have a drop of alcohol when you play. This rule is indisputable when you are putting a bankroll on the table. (If you don't believe me, next time you are at a casino with a poker room, do a quick comparison between the percentage of poker players who are drinking and the percentage of slot players who are.)

Just keep in mind that drinking too much will dilute (sorrv) tile poker experience for You and, perhaps, for everyone else whom you invited to your game. It can also turn honest disagreements into heated arguments or worse. Many poker nights, particularly those in which formal poker and real-sized bets are new, will see disputes over rules. (It happens much less frequently than in improvised kiddie games, but it still happens.) Players who are learning basic strategy will also engage in frequent commentary on the way hands were played. High blood alcohol levels increase the chances of misunderstandings during those interactions, so try to prevent players from getting hammered. Real poker with real stakes will encourage most players to keep their senses, but others will keep their alcohol throttles at the full open setting. Above all, keep mean drunks who are drinking away from your game.
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