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Read my chapter on Keno in this website. This games has house advantages of 25 to 40 percent-draw your own conclusions.

I have no doubt that as time passes and casinos become more competitive, the number of good games, those with house edges of less than 2 percent, will increase if you, the player, become better educated. As long as uneducated casino gamblers continue to play new games or variations of the standard games, the casinos will continue to offer them. It's only when players learn the difference between the good, the bad, and the ugly games, and stop playing the bad and ugly ones, that they will eventually disappear from the casino floor.

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Online Poker Guru Tips
You should try to assess most poker games in terms of your expected hourly rate by noticing what mistakes your opponents are making and how much these mistakes are costing them. Don't sit in a game with an insufficient hourly rate projection unless you think the game will become better - either because you expect some weaker players to arrive soon or because some good players in the game have a tendency to start playing badly when they are losing. If these good players jump off winners, you should quit if you can. However, it is sometimes good to continue in a game with a low hourly rate projection for political reasons - you do not want to get a reputation for gambling only when you have much the best of it. Such a reputation can make enemies, cost you money in the long run, and even get you barred from some games.
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