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Combination Tickets


These are some of the most complicated and versatile of all keno tickets, and few players use them or even know they exist. They are filled in, using the same keno blank that is used for other tickets, but they add to the gambling thrill of keno by making use of various combinations to try for a win.

First, let's look at a relatively simple combination ticket, using the previous way ticket as the base.
What we've done is combine the three eight-spots with one twelve-spot ticket. This can be done because the three groups of four-spots add up to one twelve-spot. Now we have a simple combination ticket of three eight-spots and one twelve-spot.

We can go even further with the same ticket on the facing page. Now we have three four-spots, three eight-spots, and one twelve-spot.

Most combination tickets, however, are not based on rigid groups of numbers, such as the basic way ticket. A typical combination ticket wouldn't be made up of equal groupings of numbers, such as are found in a way ticket. The combination ticket on the following page shows this.

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