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Differences Casino and State Keno


There are a number of differences between the games played in casinos and the one played in the various states that have legalized keno.
l. Of the keno tickets I've examined, only ten, rather than twenty spots (casino keno), can be played.
2. There is a strict limit on how much money a player can bet per draw. In New York it's $10, in California, it's $20.
3. Only straight tickets are available for play, rather than the more complex combination and way tickets. A player selects up to ten numbers and that's it.
4. Since the games is computerized, Quick Picks are an option. In other words, instead of selecting your own numbers, you let the computer do it for you. This is a common feature of state lotteries.
5. f1 player is limited to a certain number of draws (games) he can bet consecutively. In California it's 100; in New York it's twenty.
6. The payoffs are different. The following tables list payoffs for New York and California, as representative states.
7. The odds against winning are listed after each games, so a player knows exactly what his chances are.

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