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If you choose to play this games after considering its many unique positive qualities and its one unique negative quality, the basic rules and procedures of play are as follows:

Keno, much like state lotteries, is played by selecting numbers on a Keno card (called a blank) which match numbers randomly selected from a pool of eighty numbers. A Keno blank consists of eighty numbers in consecutive order from 1 through 80. Your task is to select up to fifteen numbers (twenty numbers on special blanks) that you think will be selected from the total field of eighty numbers.

Once you mark your blank with the number(s) that you hope will be selected, and enter the amount of your wager in the right hand column, a casino employee (either a runner or a writer) will accept your ticket and return a copy to you. Each copy is numbered and dated so that there is no doubt as to which games you are playing.

After all bets have been made and the specific starting time is reached, the games begins. Numbered Ping-Pong balls contained in a large clear bowl are air-forced into two attached tubes until twenty balls are contained in the two tubes-a process that takes about thirty seconds. The twenty numbers on the selected balls are then recorded on large display boards in the keno lounge and throughout the casino. Keno tickets are then matched against these numbers and winners are paid on the basis of the total quantity of numbers (called spots) selected, the total number of matches achieved, and the amount of the wager. Payoffs can range from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Betting for the next games begins once the previous games is completed. The player usually has eight to ten minutes between games to select and have a bet recorded for the next games. The player must collect his/her winnings before the start of a new games, unless ten to twenty games have been bet in advance (which is allowed in many casinos.)

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Similarly, you should not allow the fact that you are winning or losing to affect your decision to stay in or quit a game. From a money making point of view the only criterion for playing is whether you're a favorite in the game or an underdog. If you're a significant favorite, then it's a good game, and you should stay in it; if you're an underdog, then it's a bad game which you should quit. Never quit a good game as a small winner just to ensure a winning session. By the same token, don't continue playing in a bad game Just to get even.
Mathematical expectation is the amount a bet will average winning or losing. It is an extremely important concept for the gambler because it shows him how to evaluate most gambling problems. Using mathematical expectation is also the best way to analyze most online poker games plays.
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