online blackjack games is the most popular casino table games. When played properly using basic strategy you can reduce the house edge to less than one percent. With card counting you can get the edge.
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Seat Change, Please
In a B&M casino, changing seats (not tables: seats) is relatively simple. You tell the dealer you want a seat change and (assuming you're first on the seat change list) as soon as a seat opens up, you're given the option to take it. If you pass on the open seat because you only want to move to one of a few special seats, you normally don't lose your place in line on the seat change list as long as you tell the dealer you want to keep it.

Online, changing seats is a bit more problematic. You cannot change seats unless a seat opens and there is no waiting list. This lets you leave the game and then return, buying in as if you were a new player. This has its risks; others could jump in and claim the empty seats in the few seconds you're away.
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