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Keno Etiquette and Miscellany


-- When you place a bet with a keno runner, the house isn't responsible if for any reason the runner is unable to have your ticket written for the next games. If you would have won, there's nothing you can do about the situation. If you're playing for serious money (something we don't suggest you do), then you should go to the keno writer directly with your tickets, rather than rely on a keno runner.

-- Keno runners and writers, though employees of the casino, want the players to win. If you receive exceptional or courteous service from them, or if you win quite a large sum on your ticket, it's customary to offer a gratuity to both the runner and the writer.

-- When playing in the keno lounge, you can sit in comfort and also obtain free soft drinks or alcoholic beverages while playing. The usual custom, when given free drinks, is to tip the cocktail waitress.

-- If there is an error on your copy of the ticket, if it differs from the original and is not corrected before the games is played, it may be declared void. Therefore, all keno tickets must be examined after they've been issued by the keno writer. Tickets are paid off according to the original ticket, not the duplicate held by the player.

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Here is a similar but slightly more game complicated situation. On the last card in a seven-card stud hand, you make a flush. The player ahead of you, whom you read to have two pair, bets, and there is a player game behind you still in the hand, whom you know you have beat. If you raise, the player behind you will fold. Further more game, the initial bettor will probably also fold if he in fact does have only two pair; but if he made a full house, he will reraise. In this instance, then, raising not only gives you no positive expectation, but it's actually a play with negative expectation. For if the initial bettor has a full house and reraise, the play costs you two units if you call his reraise and one unit if you fold.
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