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Keno is a game that could be classified as a modified form of bingo. A player selects between one and twenty numbers out of a possible eighty on a ticket called a blank, then the operator of the games calls out twenty of the eighty numbers for each games played. If the player's numbers match most or all of the numbers called, he or she may be entitled to a prize running up to $250,000 in some casinos.

The numbers run from 1 to 80, so that the games is simple to play in its most elementary stage. In each games only 25% of the possible 80 numbers will be selected by the operator, which means that 75% of the numbers will not participate, and this gives the casino operators a big edge over the players, since the payoffs aren't commensurate with the odds against catching the numbers selected.

In bingo, numbers are called until there is a winner. But this is not the case with keno. If all twenty numbers have been called and there are no winners, the games is over, and the casino has kept all the money wagered. Another games is then called. What usually happens when there are many players during busy times is that there are some small winners, but no big ones, and this condition can go on games after games after games.

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