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The games of Keno has two distinct and opposing characteristics that distinguish it from other forms of casino gaming: It is one of the oldest, most enduring, and most popular forms of gambling ever invented, and it is one of the worst games available to casino gamblers because of the high house edge.

Keno was invented by the Chinese during the Han Dynasty (AD 25-220) to raise money for the government, much like today's lotteries that generate millions of dollars in profits for state governments in the United States. The games was imported to America, and by the last part of the nineteenth century was a popular form of illegal gambling, especially after the original Chinese characters were converted to Roman numerals, allowing other nationalities to know if they won or lost! It was one of the first games introduced in Nevada, and continues to be offered by casinos throughout this country.
Keno is popular for a number of reasons:
1. It's cheap to play! Unlike most casino games, the normal minimum bet is $1. Many other games require a minimum bet of at least $5.
2. There is a potential to win lots of money with a minimum investment. Based on a $1 wager, it's possible to win $3, $25,000, or up to $250,000!

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Furthermore, it is sometimes correct to play incorrectly! You may, for example, purposely make an inferior play to gain in a future hand or future round of betting. You also may play game less than optimally against weak opponents who have only a limited amount to lose or when you yourself are on a short bankroll. In these cases it is not correct to push small edges. You should not put in the maximum raises as a small favorite. You should fold hands that are marginally worth calling. You have reduced your hourly rate but have ensured yourself a win. Why give weaker players any chance to get lucky game and quit big winners of game or get lucky and bust you if you are on a short bankroll? You'll still get the money playing less than optimally. It will just take a few more hours.

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