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Multi Race Keno


The casinos have made it easier for those players who wish to play the same numbers over and over again. In some of the houses that feature keno, the concept of multi-race keno has come into use. Here's how it works: A player selects the numbers he wishes to play, and then the number of games he wishes to enter with these numbers. In some casinos the maximum is ten; in others one can play up to twenty games.

Let's suppose that a player wishes to play a three-way ticket as shown in the next illustration.
Let's see what the player has selected and played. First of all, there are two groups of four numbers, which is shown on the side as 2/4. Then there is one 8 number selection (combining the two groups, which is shown as 1/8). Underneath this is a statement 1.OOR, which shows that each way is bet at a $1 rate. The combined total is shown on the side above the ways played as $3.00.

The player is playing this same ticket in a multi-race for ten consecutive races, so we see that he has paid $30.00 or ten times $3.00 for all the games to be played.

The first games he's entered in is number 116, and the last games will be 125. So for the next ten games, the player can watch the play or not, but when games 125 has been called, which is the last games of the race, he must claim whatever wins he has had in the ten previous games. He can't do this before the calling of the tenth race, and if he waits till the next games, 126 has been called, he forfeits all prize money.

He can keep score on the back of a keno blank set for that purpose, as shown above.
Some casinos have more stringent rules. In the Horseshoe, where twenty games can be played in the multi-race, the rules state that the player is required to be present in a keno playing area (casino, bar, restaurant, card room, or other gaming area) during the entire calling of the games (i.e., all races wagered on). In fact, it's a good idea to do this because you should be aware of what you won, and if you've won big, you don't want to forfeit your profits by not being present when the last race of your sequence is being called.

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