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1. The casino is not responsible if a Keno runner is unable to place your bet before the next games begins. If the time for the next games is limited, you should place your bet with a Keno writer in the lounge or at one of several stations available in most casinos.
2. If there is an error on your copy of the Keno ticket-if it differs from your blank, and what you intended to bet-the ticket may be declared void. Be sure to correct any errors prior to the start of a game.
3. You may be required to present a Social Security number or card if you are a big winner. The federal government wants a share of your profits (but doesn't often care about your losses!) so be sure that you have the proper identification available. It's also wise to save all losing tickets, and records of other losses and expenses, if you should be fortunate enough to win a big payoff at this or any other casino games.
4. It's not necessary to rewrite a ticket if you wish to make the same wager on the next games. The runner or writer can duplicate your choices by using your previous ticket.
5. The last-and most important-rule of Keno is that a single winning ticket must be redeemed prior to the start of the next games. If not, the ticket is invalid! If you're not playing in the Keno lounge, ask the runner where the nearest writer is located, in case he or she can't get back to you prior to the start of the next games.

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