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Replaying The Ticket


If you want to stay with predetermined numbers and continually play these same numbers over and over again, it's not necessary to keep writing new tickets. The duplicate can be turned in to the keno writer, who then accepts it as the original for the next games, and this can be done time after time, saving energy and making everybody's task simpler.

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Online Poker Guru Tips
Suppose your hand is not as good as your opponent's when you bet in poker. Your opponent calls your bet, and you lose. But in fact you have not lost; you have gained! Why? Because obviously your opponent's correct play poker, if he knew what you had, would be to raise. Therefore, you have gained when he doesn't raise, and if he folds, you have gained a tremendous amount.
This sort of situation comes up frequently. You have the best hand, but your opponent is getting odds good enough to make it correct to call if he knew what you had. Therefore, you want your opponent to fold. By the same token in poker, it is correct for you to chase when you are getting sufficient pot odds. If you don't chase, you are costing yourself money and, therefore, making money for your opponent in poker.
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