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Special Tickets


Many casinos, as an inducement for unsophisticated or nonserious players, offer special tickets with varying prices and payoffs.

A few years back I was eating breakfast in a small casino in Lake Tahoe, away from the center of the town, and, having been given a keno Sitelet explaining a special three-spot ticket priced at 30¢ with a payoff of $35 if all three numbers caught, I picked my favorite numbers, 1, 11, and 30, paid the 30¢, and ate my breakfast.

After seventeen numbers were shown on the keno board, my ticket was worthless, with none of my numbers catching. Then 30, 11, and 1 flashed, and I was a winner of $35. I took that $35, went to the online blackjack games tables and parlayed it into $200. A pleasant morning indeed.

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Online Poker Guru Tips
Since it is correct for your opponent to call when he is getting sufficient pot odds, you can sometimes make an opponent fold incorrectly by showing more strength than you actually poker have on an early betting round in game.
You are fairly sure he has kings. You now proceed to make a pair of 6s on board, and you bet. Your opponent will almost certainly fold a pair of kings since he is afraid you have made aces up.
Some people might say, "Well, wait a second. Why don't I want my opponent to call as long as his pair of kings is worse than my two small pair?" The answer is that if there are cards to come and your opponent is getting proper odds, you do better to win the pot right there. A pair of kings versus two smaller pair needs very short odds to justify a call. Since your opponent would have been correct to call game, you gain when you make him fold.
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