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Split Ticket


If you wish to write two or more straight tickets at one time, using one keno blank, the easiest way to do this is with a split ticket.

A split ticket utilizes two or more groups of numbers, separated from each other in some manner. The most commonly used methods are to draw a line between the groupings of numbers, or to circle one or both of the groups. The important thing when writing a split ticket is to make certain that the keno writer understands that he has been given this type of ticket.

The following is a usual way of writing a split ticket. Note that the fraction 2/5 means that the ticket contains two five spots. The circled 70 means that each five-spot, or way, is being played for 70¢. This ticket would be called a two-way five-spot.
The above example shows two groups of numbers, each bet and played separately on the one split ticket. But you are not limited to two groups of numbers. If you are willing to play smaller spots, such as two-spots and three-spots, you may play as many as forty individual two-spots on one ticket.

This is not recommended, but you should be aware that you can play more than one group, or way, on one ticket in this simple manner. When playing more than one way, many casinos will accommodate players by reducing the 70¢ house minimum to 35¢ per way. "Way" here is defined simply as a possible payoff. For example, if a split ticket has two circled groups, there are two potential payoffs, and thus, two ways.

When the minimum is reduced by half by the casino, you should be aware that the potential payoff is also reduced by half.

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