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State Keno games


Several states flirting with legal gambling of one sort or another have turned to keno as a way to boost their tax revenues. Usually keno is played as part of the lottery system already in force, as in California and New York, the two most populous states in the USA. Terminals are set up in various places such as quick-food outlets, delis, and other places that attract a brisk walk-in business or, conversely, in bars where customers tend to spend a great deal of time. Keno has become a very tempting games for those who want to risk a little to make a lot. A new games, or draw (as in drawing) gets off every five minutes, so the result is fast, and the betting limits don't appear to be that high. But this can be deceptive. If a person is betting $10 on each games, within an hour, without any wins, he can lose $120. And if he is in a bar, where his judgment may be clouded by alcohol, a player can soon find himself in serious financial trouble. As with all gambling, I suggest that when you're playing for money, don't drink. It's a bad combination, and the last thing you need is to have your good sense and judgment negatively affected.

Most establishments are set up with video screens that flash the selected numbers every five minutes, so that customers can see the results, and determine whether or not they have won anything.

A Set of Aces in Another No-Limit Game
There are times when a slow-play is the right thing. But not as many times as most players seem to think. If you've got any doubt whether slowplay is the right move, you probably should just bet.

The idea of slowplay is to give your opponents a chance to catch up a little when you have a very strong hand. But often, your hand isn't as strong as you think and they don't catch up, they zoom right past you.
In a small, no-limit game I play in some Friday nights, I made a bad call that probably could have been avoided if I hadn't slowplayed a set of Aces.

It was a hold'em, 50 cent and dollar blinds, no-limit, $20 buy-in game. The game got a little bigger than those nominal figures as the night progressed. When this hand happened, I had about $300, we were six handed, and the money was pretty deep all around the table. Stack sizes ranged from about $100 to about $400.

Two other players were involved in the hand: Matt and Doug. I've played with them both before. They are both very aggressive players, but Doug tends to be pretty tight and plays somewhat straightforwardly, while Matt tends to be pretty loose, and tricky. When Matt's betting, you sometimes just have to call with hands you don't really like calling with. When Doug is betting, you usually want to give it a second thought before calling
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